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    Join the Global Conspiracy Project
by Ian Husbands, Organizer

GCP The Global Conspiracy Project is an official iCompositions project, run by members of iCompositions.com. It aims to record and release a song entitled "Many Hands, Many Voices" through Patch Records, with all proceeds being donated to SOS Children's Villages who look after orphaned children in 124 countries.

How can you help?
iCompositions has well over 90,000 registered users, but we are simply looking for just 1% - 900 people - to help us promote this project through their Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, email, personal websites and using traditional methods of flyers, posters and word of mouth. We need to gain as much publicity as possible, and are looking to get coverage from local, national and intentional press, radio and TV.

We need iCompositions members to spread the word to everyone they know and to everyone they don't know. In 2009 people in Britain used Facebook to organize a retaliation against Simon Cowell's X-Factor getting the Christmas number 1 for the fifth year running. Thanks to just one Facebook group, over 50,000 people downloaded Rage Against The Machine's song "Killing In The Name Of," propelling the band to the number one spot, ahead of Joe McElderry from the X-Factor. This display of unity and organization is what The Global Conspiracy Project hopes to achieve with the help of the iCompositions community.

There will be some musical and artistic opportunities as well. We are currently looking for singers to join the iCompositions Choir at the end of the song. You can join in here!

There will also be opportunities for artwork, videos and much much more.

If you want to make a difference, then please join us in raising some much-needed money for orphans across the world, in raising the profile for iCompositions, and in raising the voices of independent musicians throughout the planet!

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Email Notifications
Want to know when your favorite artists upload new songs? iCompositions now offers enhanced Email Notification options!

You can choose to receive an email whenever one of your favorite artists uploads a new song, or you can receive a daily summary of new song uploads by favorite artists.

Additionally, you can be notified whenever a comment is posted on one of your favorite songs (there's a daily summary option for this too).

To set your notification options, visit Backstage > Preferences.

More Information » Follow iCompositions on Twitter and Facebook
Keep track of the latest happenings on iCompositions on your favorite social networking sites!

iCompositions is on Twitter, posting about select song uploads, milestones, and podcast uploads. It's a great way to get a snapshot of what the community's doing right now.

Also, iCompositions is on Facebook, posting announcements about the site and exciting community activity.

More Information » New Ways to Share Songs
Continuing our push to let you use iCompositions with your other favorite social networks, we've also streamlined our quick Share buttons on song pages.

Listeners and Artists can simply click a button to post an update to their Facebook or Twitter account containing a link to the song they're listening to. Here's what they look like:


As you can see, it's also easy to email a link to a friend.

Because message length is a concern in Twitter status updates, iCompositions now has its own Short URL style:


The number at the end of the URL is the Song ID number. You can find it at the end of the standard URL of your song page (after "sid="). Of course, when you use the Share buttons on the our song pages, we'll take care of shortening the URL for you! New Homepage and Skype Names
It's been a while since we've sent out an issue of the iCompositions Newsletter, so we want to make sure we let you know about two older improvements we've made to the site.

The first is iCompositions' new homepage. There are several improvements and we hope you'll take a moment to read about them.

Additionally, many users on iCompositions use Skype for voice and video chats and we want to make it easy for members to connect through this tool. You can now add your Skype name to your iCompositions account in Backstage > Preferences, which will put a Skype button on your Artist Page.

More information » Closing Thoughts
by pm, Senior Administrator

Last month, iCompositions celebrated its 6th birthday. We've come a long way since version 1.0 and I want to offer my gratitude to everyone who has made this community what it is.

To our members, thank you for your dedication, your support, and your many creative contributions to our iCompositions family. To our team, thank you for your tireless efforts to keep everything running smoothly for our members.

Here's to another great year of music making!
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