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We've been hard at work creating a new way to experience iCompositions, wherever you want it, whenever you want it. Here's what we've made:

100,000 songs in your pocket
Listen to iCompositions' entire music library anywhere on your iPhone or iPod touch. Browse Top Songs, Recent Songs, or any Genre. Play your own music, your favorites, and every other song on iCompositions, streamed on-demand to your mobile device.

Continuous Playback
The iCompositions App offers the ability to play all songs in a list back-to-back. When a song ends, the next song starts playing automatically. This feature is available exclusively on the iCompositions App for your mobile listening convenience.

Share your thoughts right away
No need to wait to visit iCompositions.com to post a comment when you hear a great song. Just login to your iCompositions account and post your comment right from within the app. Best of all, the song keeps playing while you post.

Heaps of Information
The iCompositions App gives you access to all the vital details of every song you play, including comments, statistics, and more. Use it to keep track of your own songs too.

iCompositions Anywhere
Stream all the music you want from iCompositions, anywhere you have network access. We recommend WiFi for the best listening experience, but 3G will work too.

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