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SlimGirlFat is one of iCompositions' most popular artists, having one second place in iCompositions' iCompose, iWin Best Song category. She is a Singer/Songwriter who is "thoroughly enjoying working with some very talented musicians worldwide."
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"No Falling Stars"
iCompositions celebrates our 10,000th song!
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Loops As a special treat to newsletter subscribers, we're giving you advance notice on our newest Members Only offer: 108 free loops from PowerFX. PowerFX produces many of the loops for GarageBand and the Jam Packs and is now giving iComopsitions users some from their Apple Loops collections.

With the addition of this package, iCompositions users now receive 526 free loops just for signing up! Since GarageBand ships with about 1100 loops, our free packages could increase the size of your library by nearly 50% for free! 10,000 songs
by Dan Pourhadi

GB When we started iCompositions over a year ago, we dreamt of an online community that would be home to GarageBand users and hobbyists all over the world; a community where musicians could share their creations and talent with any true music-lover. Little did we know that merely a year later our dream would come true, and iCompositions would be home to thousands of GarageBand enthusiasts and over ten thousand uploaded compositions.

On that sunny day in January when Steve Jobs announced GarageBand, a musical phenomenon took form. Music hobbyists who couldn’t afford or couldn’t figure out how to use Apple’s Pro Tools were now able to create professional-sounding songs with nothing more than an iMac and a copy of Apple’s iLife suite. (Oh, and talent. You still need talent.)

Nothing’s more evident of GarageBand’s amazing success and influence than the recent milestone achieved by iCompositions and its dedicated Artists. The very thought of ten thousand compositions is mind boggling, but it’s a testament to the new world of music created by Apple’s revolutionary software application. Plain and simply, people who wanted to make music could make music-- and that sparked an artistic revolution.

"I think [iCompositions reaching 10,000 uploads] means that a change in the industry is imminent,” said popular iCompositions Artist, BlackLily. “This gives home recording more validity in the market, so the industry isn't controlled by agents and managers and large corporate mentalities.” The result is access to an abundance of unique and diversified music with the click of a mouse-- a luxury once reserved for those who were familiar with the music industry.

"This gives iCompositions a little more weight in the industry,” added BlackLily. Such a large number of uploaded compositions, she said, allows iCompositions and Artists to be taken more seriously, opening the door to greater exposure opportunities for the musicians.

The iCompositions team is equally thrilled by the achievement.

"It's truly amazing how far the GarageBand community has come in just over a year,” said "Powermac99" , iCompositions’ head "Record Executive". “The shear number of songs created is jaw-dropping.”

The success of iCompositions, as well as the support from our dedicated members, continues to encourage us to improve the site more and more. “We're looking forward to new services, features, and promotions,” Powermac99 said, citing the new set of free loops just announced as evidence of our continued effort to make iCompositions the most useful and resource-full GarageBand community on the ‘Net.

With that, on behalf of the iCompositions staff, I’d like to thank our users who have made such a milestone possible. Without your talent and dedication to the music you love, iCompositions would be Just Another Web Community, and the increasing importance of “home-recorded” music would cease to exist. Together, we can bring independently-made music to the masses; diversity and creativity will prevail over corporate demands. Music hobbyists and enthusiasts alike now not only have a means to make music, they have a great way to distribute and promote their music. The more iCompositions grows, the more opportunity Artists have for exposure and recognition-- so let’s keep growing!

Here’s to another 10,000! Music never sounded so great.

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