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• Introducing iC3
• "City Scenes" Contest
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• Changes in iC3

Artist Spotlight: Ponkey
"Freedom is building your own box and trying to fill it without breaking down the walls. That's the thing about iCompositions: there is no record company building boxes for you." Top 5 Songs
2. At the Moment of Impact
3. Phil's Theme
4. IC3 surfin' Stomp...



    Introducing iC3
iC3 On Sunday, September 26th, version 3 of iCompositions.com was released to the world. Sporting a brand new interface, new features, and improved functionality, the server failed within 10 seconds of iC3's release as more than 3000 people attempted to get a glimpse of the new site.

After hours of troubleshooting by our talented Server Administrator, iC3 was back online and ready for full time use. In the past two weeks, we've worked with our members to tailor the site to your needs and are confident that you'll find a greatly improved user experience as both an artist and a listener. City "City Scenes" Contest
For our first contest in iC3, we're asking users to submit songs that portray a scene in a city. The song could depict a dark alley, a busy sidewalk, or anything else you can come up with, but you must detail exactly what you're trying to illustrate in your song description. The contest is open until Friday, October 28th and users will vote on their favorite audial imagery shortly thereafter. Read more » Become a Featured Artist
Each week, iCompositions will spotlight an artist on our homepage, promoting that person to the 500,000+ individuals who visit the site each month. If you are interested in publicizing yourself and your music through this new medium, email features@icompositions.com with a 338px x 138px image and a short paragraph or quote about yourself or your music. iC3 Changes: Home
Perhaps the most significant change to iCompositions is its renewed focus on individual artists. The new iCompositions homepage best represents that focus by no longer concentrating on Music News as its main function but rather featured artists, weekly top songs, and the newest songs. News isn't gone for good, it just takes up a little less space.

iC3 Changes: Music
Formerly known as the iCompositions Auditorium, iCompositions Music has also undergone a complete in-house rewrite and, unlike the software that powered the previous version, was created specifically for the sharing of music. No longer will you see any "photo" references in URLs or on pages.

Additionally, the interface, like the rest of the site, has been greatly streamlined and incorporates more customizability options, giving you access to more music, though only the music you're interested in seeing. There is also more information on each Song page, such as the number of times the song has been downloaded and some of the artist's favorite songs.

Next, you can now specify more information about your song when submitting it to iCompositions. Lyrics, Licensing, Loops usage (No Loops, All Loops, Mixture), the application used in creating the song, and other artists who collaborated with you on the song are just a few examples of that information.

We've also taken this opportunity to try something completely new: We now ask that you submit both AAC and MP3 versions of the song. Though this is optional, it is highly recommended as it will allow those who cannot play AAC (the default selection) to switch to MP3. That way, Mac users with Quicktime won't have suffer through lower quality MP3 while Windows users won't be excluded.

Finally, we've fixed most, if not all, of the problems that plagued the Auditorium for months. You will now have complete control over your album art, among other things, and the Music section is fully backwards-compatible with all forms of artist-promoting. All offsite links will automatically redirect to their new location and images will continue to function.

iC3 Changes: Tools
The Tools section was re-created from the ground up to once again serve as the most up-to-date and reliable resource for GarageBand-related software, loops, Audio Units, and more. We've done away with the clunky interface elements that impaired usability in the previous version in favor of clean item lists with icons and brief bits of information about the product or download.

All users are now invited and encouraged to post reviews and ratings of products featured in our Tools section. If you've fallen in love with a specific loops collection and can never again use GarageBand without it, share your feelings for it with the world. Likewise, if you've had a terrible experience with a product, that's definitely something of which a potential buyer would want to be warned.

iC3 Changes: Artists
A number of customizability options have been added to allow your Artist page to better reflect your personality. You can now change the colors of each individual section header and choose the order in which they appear.

The biggest new feature for Artist Pages can be summed up in one word: Blogs. That's right, every iCompositions user now has their own blog (which can be called either "Blog" or "News"). Other registered users can leave comments on blog posts and the blog owner has moderation and editorial control over his or her blog. All artists will have RSS feeds for their blog entries and comments, in addition to their New Music feed.

iC3 Changes: Backstage
The newest section on iCompositions is Backstage, a user portal for all things iCompositions. Here you'll find up to date information on your music and your account such as latest comments on your music, replies to your comments and forum posts, and tracking of your favorite artists. Additionally, this will serve as your control panel and is where you'll update your Account Preferences, Music, and Artist Page. You will also find Members Only offers and tools, tips, and tricks for promoting your music.

The Message Center is a new interface for communicating with other users. It features full integration with the rest of the system so you'll be notified via email and in the site's header when you receive a new message.
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