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• The New Face of iC Radio
• New Free Loops Package
• 25% off disclabel
• Artist Page improvements
• Spreading Firefox

Artist Spotlight: samboway
Samboway is a 27 year old guitarist who uses Soundtrack Pro, Pro Tools and Garageband to write his own brand of instrumental metal and ambient music.a New Members Only Offers
77 new Free Loops
25% off disclabel
4 new Guitar Lessons




    The New Face of iCompositions Radio
Radio Over the past few years, what started as a humble ad supported audio stream has evolved into a network of music podcasts. Today, we complete that evolution with the release of the newest version of iCompositions Radio, featuring podcasts hosted by iCompositions team members who play your music in themed episodes.

In addition, subscribers to iCompositions' Artist Podcasts service are now featured on the iCompositions Radio home page with 1-click subscription links in iTunes or your own RSS reader. Free Loops New Free Loops Package from Perimeter Sound Arts
In their second free offering to iCompositions members, Perimeter Sound Arts is giving away 77 free loops from their just-updated Kunundrum 2.0 loops package!

More information » disclabel 25% off disclabel
iCompositions and Mac software company SmileOnMyMac have teamed up to offer iCompositions artists 25% off their popular disclabel software for designing CDs, jewelboxes, and DVD packaging. Give your next album a professional look for just $22.46.

More information » Man Artist Page Improvements
In the past few weeks, iCompositions has made several subtle but important changes to the Artist Page system. The entire backend of the system has been overhauled, providing better stability and speed, as well as fixes to a few quirks. For example, Artist Page URLs are no longer case sensitive so no need to worry about whether it's Username or uSeRnAmE.

We've also added two colors to your section header color choices: purple and black.

Finally, we've added the ability to choose how your Music list is sorted. Be it by title, plays, downloads, or any of several other options, you now control exactly how you want your Artist Page to appear. Firefox Spreading Firefox
Despite our roots as a community for Mac users, a surprising percentage of iCompositions members browse the site using Windows and Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, because of poor implementation of web standards, some of our features don't function properly in Internet Explorer. Yesterday, iCompositions joined the campaign to spread the word about Firefox, an open-source web browser for Macs and PCs, as an alternative for our IE-using members who want to experience all iCompositions has to offer.

Firefox brings complete compatibility with all iCompositions services, including the chat, as well as superior security and features. If you are currently using Internet Explorer visit iCompositions and click the Download Firefox button on the promotional splash screen that appears. Your free download will support the site and the open-source community!
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