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• Introducing Site Search
• More Free Loops
• The new Music News section
• Lots of Minor Improvements

Artist Spotlight: Balok
"Art and science should coexist and build on each other's accomplishments. iCompositions furthers that idea, nurturing creativity without borders in the digital age." New Members Only Offers
90 new Free Loops




    sitesearch Introducing Site Search
iC3 introduced searching of every section of the site but it required you to navigate to that section before performing your search. There was also no way to search multiple sections. Today, we change that.

The iCompositions Site Search leverages AJAX technology to provide information from all main sections in a menu that fittingly resembles Apple's Spotlight feature. Simply type your search query in the "Search iCompositions" box at the top of the page and press return. A few results from Music, Artists, Forums, News, and Tools (grouped by category) immediately slide into view and more results can be accessed with a single click.

More information » smartloops More Free Loops from Smart Loops
In our second Members Only free loops package in under a month, iCompositions has teamed up with Smart Loops to offer this collection of 90 loops from a variety of their Apple Loops DVDs.

With the addition of this package, iCompositions offers its members 750 free loops!

More information » musicnews The new Music News section
iCompositions has been hard at work on re-writing iCompositions' Music News section from scratch since the launch of iC3. While most of the changes were made under the hood, there are a few new features for readers such as enhanced comment view, related products associated with each article, and number of comments of each article displayed on the homepage. We've also improved the search function.

More information » iCompositions Lots of Minor Improvements
In the past few weeks, iCompositions has also made a number of minor changes to the site such as the featuring of iCompositions's Podcasts to the homepage as a rotating image, a much-improved explanation of how to use BBcode, and full support for the Mozilla Foundation's Camino, an elegant yet speedy alternative browser for Mac users.
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