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• iCompositions 3.5
• 74 new Free Loops
• New Slogan
• iCompositions Milestones
• LeopardTracker

Artist Spotlight: sideburnsbob
"Robert Gillies is a budding young musician who hails from Scotland and seeks to reach the heart and soul with whatever he writes."
New Members Only Offers
74 new Free Loops




  Introducing iCompositions 3.5
Over the weekend, iCompositions underwent a significant upgrade to the site's user interface. The iCompositions team sought to address some of the lingering complaints over the new design introduced in September with the release of iC3 and iC3.5 provides a number of changes that enhance the site's readability and navigation.

Major changes include:
  • Better use of horizontal screen real estate
  • Streamlined homepage to improve access to popular features
  • More readable "box" section headers
  • Breadcrumbs for easy access to parent pages
More information » MacPips 74 Free Loops from MacPips
iCompositions and new Mac software company MacPips are offering iCompositions members a new free loops collection containing 74 free loops! The loops are taken from their Loop Pack 1 and Loop Pack 2 products as well as their unreleased Loop Pack 3.

The iCompositions Members Only section now features 824 free loops available to iCompositions members!

More information » slogan iCompositions' New Slogan
Last month, iCompositions invited members to submit slogans that provided new visitors with a better sense of the site's purpose. The person who submitted the winning entry would receive a $50 Apple Store Gift Certificate and 1 month of free advertising in our regularly-$99 bottom-of-the-page ad queue. Out of more than 170 submissions, the iCompositions team selected an entry submitted by Shred and modified it slightly. The modification, "Empowering the Independent Musician" now graces the top of every page.

More information » A Few Major Milestones
Since our last newsletter in May, the iCompositions community has accomplished some impressive feats. On June 1st, songs hosted on iCompositions cumulatively received their 5,000,000th play. Just two weeks later, on June 16th, iCompositions member ciheins posted our 100,000th song comment. Thank you all for your fantastic music, your invaluable feedback on each other's music, and, most of all, for being a part of the iCompositions family. From the creators of iCompositions: LeopardTracker
leopardtrackerUnbeknownst to many members, the iCompositions team actually runs several other Mac-related communities and resources. Last month, we launched LeopardTracker, a website that seeks to organize information about the next generation of Mac OS X, version 10.5 (codenamed Leopard). Details are widely scattered throughout the internet so LeopardTracker provides a convenient resource for curious users to find articles, rumors, and wishlists relating to Leopard.

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